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29 November . 2018

5 Reasons Why Retiring in Tampa Bay is Smart

5 Reasons Why Retiring in Tampa Bay is Smart

There's no better place to retire in than Tampa Bay, according to the Tampa Bay Times, who cite a 2015 study that found Tampa to be the best city in America for retirees. It's no wonder that 6 million of the projected 23.9 million people living in Florida by 2030 will be aged 65 or over.

But what makes Tampa Bay such a perfect place to retire to? Read our 5 reasons why retirees flock to this area of Florida every year:

  1. You'll Save Money on Tax

Florida's tax laws are incredibly friendly for retirees. You can wave goodbye to state income tax, inheritance tax and estate tax. However, there's a caveat or two. You'll need to stay in the state for at least 183 days of the year to qualify for the tax breaks. And be sure to check with a tax advisor before you make the move, just in case.

  1. Housing Prices are Affordable

Tampa Bay housing prices are reportedly some of least expensive in all of Florida. It's true that prices (and mortgage rates) have been rising consistently here. But compared to places like Miami and the southeast coast you can still bag yourself a bargain in Tampa Bay.

  1. The Weather is Practically Perfect

One of the most alluring aspects of life in Tampa Bay is the beautiful climate. Aside from the odd storm, the weather and temperature remain stable and warm all year-round. And with an average of 246 days of sun per year (where the US average is 205), you can almost guarantee many sunny days to enjoy during your golden years.

  1. There's a Lot to Keep You Busy

Tampa boasts white sand beaches, warm blue waters, pristine rivers, and grassy green areas. There's also a thriving tourist industry complete with coast, culture and culinary delights. Also, golf enthusiasts flock from around the world to sample the plethora of world-class courses located in the state.

Tampa Bay isn't just a place of immense natural beauty. It's packed with activities to keep people entertained in throughout retirement as well.

  1. The Lifestyle is Healthy and Active

Tampa Bay is well-known for its culture of keeping fit and healthy. In fact, Tampa won third prize in 2016 for the US city with the most active lifestyle. This is thanks, in part, to its easy access to natural beauty and wonderful weather, that we've already mentioned.

Such a culture would be perfect for anyone hoping to stay fit and active at any age.

Time to Plan Your Retirement Move

From tax breaks and affordable housing; to fun things to keep you active and entertained, all in a place known for its warmth, sunshine and natural beauty, Tampa Bay lives up to its reputation as a perfect retirement destination. Ready to fid your Tampa Bay home? Search the FishHawk Ranch Homefinder now!