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FishHawk Ranch Resident Running for Honorary Mayor

Brandon doesn’t have an official mayor. In fact, it’s an unincorporated area of Hillsborough County. But each summer, local philanthropists vie for the chance to be Brandon’s Honorary Mayor. This year, FishHawk Ranch resident and local realtor, George Shea, is in the running.

The Honorary Mayor’s race started 60 years ago by the Community Roundtable as a way to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. This year, three candidates are competing for the title. As part of their campaign, candidates host numerous fundraisers, raffles and events over the course of a month with proceeds going to the candidate’s chosen charities. Each dollars raised is the equivalent of a vote. The candidate who raises the most votes and money wins. With a June 1 start date, candidates have just 33 days to earn funds. The winner is announced right before the Community Roundtable’s annual July 4th Parade in Brandon. The new Honorary Mayor then begins their year of service by riding in the parade.

The Newsome High School Band Boosters are sponsoring George in the Honorary Mayor’s Race. George is raising money for the Newsome Band and Color Guard, the Campo YMCA’s LiveStrong program and Seeds of Hope, a food bank for the local area that is run by fellow FishHawk Ranch Resident Leda Eaton. Seeds of Hope has special significance to George and his family since his wife received services from the organization many years ago.

Since starting his campaign, George has hosted a kick off fundraising party, Coach Bag Bingo, another bingo night at Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa and a Wine Tasting at the Palmetto Club in FishHawk Ranch. A longtime member of the FishHawk Ranch Softball League, George also hosted a two-day round robin softball tournament, and held the George Shea Jamboree and music concert, which featured several Newsome H.S. Band members, and his band the “Sexxy Chickens.”

“I’m exhausted and I’m only half-way through,” he joked of the amount of time he’s dedicated to making his campaign as successful as possible. Many local businesses have also contributed to the events with product donations or in-kind donations. George is hoping his hard work pays off. His goal is to earn the title of Honorary Mayor by raising $60,000. “I’m in good company,” George said of his fellow candidates. “We hope that between us we can raise $100,000.”

To learn more about George’s campaign for Honorary Mayor , visit


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