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19th Annual FishHawk Ranch Road Race Raises More Than $18,000 for Area Youth

Photo: Back row (L to R) – Pam Bush, FishHawk Creek Elementary School principal; Catherine Lennard, Stowers Elementary School principal; Melanie Cochrane, Bevis Elementary School principal; Claire Mawhinney, Randall Middle School principal; Keven Loveland, FishHawk Ranch Road Race Director.

Front row (L to R) – Paul Lindstrom, Newsome High School assistant principal; Tim Mattison, Barrington Middle School assistant principal; Christine Conti, FishHawk Road Runners; Lynda McMorrow, Marketing Manager Newland Communities.


Six local schools will receive a total of $18,000 thanks to the hard work and determination of runners who participated in the 19th Annual FishHawk Ranch Road Race.

Bevis Elementary, FishHawk Creek Elementary, Stowers Elementary, Barrington Middle, Randall Middle and Newsome High schools will each receive $2,827 to be used for educational enhancements. Additionally, the FishHawk Road Runners will receive a $1,500 contribution to its scholarship fund.

“We’re so pleased be to able to give back to the FishHawk Ranch community each year as a result of our annual Road Race,” said Lynda McMorrow, marketing manager for Newland Communities. “The local education system is an integral part of the FishHawk Ranch community, and the race has become quite a tradition in the area.”

More than 500 runners of all skill levels participated in this year’s 5k and kid’s races (half-mile and one-mile), which featured a new location in the Central Park Neighborhood of FishHawk Ranch. Hundreds of residents also turned out to cheer on the runners as they raced throughout the FishHawk Ranch community.

Plans are underway for the 20th annual FishHawk Ranch Road Race now, to be held in January 2017.

For more details about the FishHawk Ranch Road Runner Club, go to


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