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Welcome Back, !

Help us create a great community for you, or if you've already shared and want to make changes, click here.


For one resident, FishHawk Ranch is a dream come true

 As a community, we were deeply touched by Melanie's story, and deeply honored that she chose FishHawk Ranch to raise her boys and honor her late husband's wishes to make their home here.  Today, she continues to inspire us to pay it forward, through her charitable organization Operation Lotus.


"When my husband and I began our family with the birth of our first son in 2007, we knew right away we wanted to move to Fishhawk. We began to save money and in July of 2012, we were seriously looking in the Starling community, working with David Weekly to build our dream home.

Unfortunately we never got to build our home because my husband passed away unexpectedly two months later. At 31 I was a mother of two small boys and a widow. I felt like all my dreams died with him that day. On the morning of my husbands funeral I found out I was pregnant with our third child.

After a few weeks of my new reality setting in, I decided I still wanted to move to FishHawk. It was where he would want us to be. In October of 2012 that dream came true. Moving to FishHawk was the best thing I could have done for my family at that point. It provided us new friends, a supportive community and a real sense of safety. The community heard of our loss and rallied around us. The entire FishHawk community helped us in any way they could.

Almost three years later, and my boys I can't imagine living anywhere but here, in fact we are getting ready to build that dream home we never got to build. I look forward to fulfilling my husband’s dream and raising our children in the best community any family could ever dream of.

God led me to FishHawk. I believe that. It is our home. I've never felt more at home. The people in this community are truly remarkable. I've always overwhelmed at the support they give me and now my new nonprofit operation lotus. I am truly honored that you asked me to do this. Thank you!! If I can ever help in anyway please know I want to give back to this community like you have given to me”

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