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Park Square


When we see the fountains, we know we're at the heart of the FishHawk Ranch™ community. We can meet with friends or join up for a yoga class at the YMCA Express. Next to the shops is a 2-acre park that features dancing fountains, performance area and broad lawn. Park Square is the perfect backdrop for all sorts of events. Click here for directions.


Park Square Pizzeria
16132 Churchview Dr
Lithia Fl.33547
(813) 681-2000

Cherry's Restaurant
16144 Churchview Dr
Lithia, Fl. 33547

(813) 324-8912

Ambiance Salon and Spa
16132 Churchview Dr
Lithia, Fl. 33547
(813) 657-6000

 The Art Monkey
16144 Churchview Dr
Lithia, Fl. 33547
(813) 315-9803

FishHawk Ranch YMCA Express
16144 Churchview Dr Suite 201
Lithia, Fl.
(813) 651-4200

Tampa Bay Speech Language and Reading Clinic
16132 Churchview Dr Suite 115
Lithia, Fl. 33547
(813) 368-2485

Julestarz Academy for the Performing Arts
16132 Churchview Dr Suite 202
Lithia, Fl. 33547
(813) 661-9037